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A stunning large Santa doll by Simon and Halbig dating from 1900.

She has large brown glass eyes which open and close perfectly, her open mouth reveals four teeth and she has the v shape painted on her lower lip. Her ears are pierced and she has DEP impressed on the back of her head, which probably means she was produced for the French market. She also has her mould number 1249 and Simon and Halbig. She has a perfect head.

Her wig is real hair but not old, however I think it suits her well.

She is on a very good quality body with all the original paint and high sheen.

Her clothes look to have some age to them, I have added her silk bonnet.

SOLD.                                     ( Postage included for UK only )

                                                            I ship dolls worldwide.

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Beautiful   Santa 1249 by Simon and Halbig - 25 inchBeautiful   Santa 1249 by Simon and Halbig - 25 inchBeautiful  Simon and Halbig Santa 1249  - 25 inch